Digital transition in the manufacturing industry

"The digital transition in the industry sector" is a roundtable organized by BOLD, Devoteam, OutSystems and AWS to explore the state of the art of the industry, Portugal's panorama and possible ways to leverage a company's business through new technological solutions.

The Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is going through a period of (r)evolution – the phenomenon called Industry 4.0 in which IT does not only play a supporting role but is a true catalyst for innovation and value creation in companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic intensified and accelerated this context where companies need to be more agile and effective to adapt to volatile and constantly changing ecosystems.

On September 22, join Rui Pereira, OutSystems VP and co-founder; João Caldas, Head of OutSystems Global Partnership at Devoteam; Rui Gaspar, Account Manager at AWS Portugal; Sérgio Almeida, CTO at OGMA; and Américo Guerreiro, IT Business Relationship Manager & Head of Cybersecurity at EFACEC in this free digital event, dedicated to the debate and sharing of knowledge, confronting different perspectives between companies in the industry and technology companies.

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