How can CAF enable a successful transformation journey?

In a digital economy, increasingly driven by technology, many companies are innovating unprecedentedly and using Cloud platforms and services to increase application efficiency and profitability.

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Article by Joana Salvado
Microsoft Partnership Manager

What is a Cloud Adoption Framework and how can it help a digital transformation process?

In a digital economy, increasingly driven by technology, many companies are innovating unprecedentedly and using Cloud platforms and services to increase application efficiency and profitability. David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow, said: “Organizations that do not have a high-level cloud strategy driven by their business strategy will significantly increase their risk of failure and wasted investment.” For a successful digital transformation process, organizations must have a defined Cloud Strategy and for this, they can resort to a Cloud Adoption Framework. 

According to Microsoft, the cloud adoption framework "is a collection of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools that are proven guidance from Microsoft designed to accelerate your cloud adoption journey." Using guidelines and best practices of the major cloud adoption frameworks, we develop our own Cloud Adoption Framework, which consists of an Organizational Assessment Readiness based on the three major dimensions in an organization: Human Resources/Technology/Business. 

Our Assessment tool breaks down the CAF competencies into a related set of questions, tackling maturity, processes, and experience. This will allow the company to be aware of the maturity level and also provides a comprehensive guide on how to prepare, execute and benefit from a successful and strategic cloud adoption. 

1. Human Resources

It is crucial to have an agile organization that is ready for effective Cloud Adoption. To ensure this we need to address the following competencies internally: Change, Resource, Career and Training Management to have full knowledge of the organizational culture.

2. Technology

It is essential to ensure that the organization has all the technology to operate, scale and secure all the cloud solutions. For this we need to have a clear technology portfolio of the subsequent competencies:
      • Operations – everything related to Release & Change Management, Disaster Recovery, Monitoring & Process.
      • Security – Identity & Access Management, Security Management.
      • Platform – Provisioning Management and Architecture & Application Development.

3. Business

Strategic Value, Governance and Process - It is crucial to manage and prioritize IT investments, aligned with business objectives. The competencies of these dimensions are:
      • Performance Management - evaluating performance, measuring benefits and managing business risk.
      • IT Strategy - capacity to leverage IT as a Business Partner and an enabler of Business Strategy.
      • Finance – focuses on the budget definition, cost allocation, monitoring and implementing controls that will improve cloud spending behaviours across IT Portfolio.
      • Project and Portfolio Management - Focus on your organization’s competence to managed and prioritize IT investments, Programs and Projects, aligned with your organization’s business goals.

This framework has been designed to accelerate and steer the Cloud journey by identifying and addressing organizational readiness gaps on the dimensions of People, Business and Technology, but aligns Business aspirations with Technological capabilities into a successful and executable strategy.

Nevertheless, the results should be seen as an organizational readiness and maturity beacon, pointing out the current strengths and weaknesses on each dimension and related competence. It’s an additional indicator and will not replace further detailed assessment activities/tools.

This foundational information should be discussed with the organization afterwards and consequently breakdown into work packages. These gaps will be translated into an actionable Transformational plan, critical for a successful Cloud Adoption Journey.

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